A Tangled Web They Weave

FBI Wanted for financing Al-Qaeda Noordin M Top

Internet Marketer Armand Morin
NOW UPDATED! My name is Aaron Fleszar. I now live in Trenton Michigan and not by choice. After seeing a number of people that look like the FBI's Most Wanted online and determining that they are part of a MASSIVE organized community that is getting rich by spamming, I reported it to the FBI in Hawaii where I was living in March of 2008. Days later I was slammed into by a car, picked up by my neck, and encouraged to leave the state. After returning to Michigan were I was born I was met by the Trenton Police Department with a fictitious court order claiming I was suicidal and homicidal and forced to go to Wyandotte Hospital held against my will for one week. During my stay I was drugged, had a tremendous amount of blood taken, and had a group of people there working me to try and say things like "kill the president." Shortly afterwards, I returned to Hawaii and "found" a job cleaning carpet for a company entirely created by the government called Jon Lee Carpet Cleaning. They never came through with the work they claimed, broke the equipment daily and every job was for people with made up names and ridiculous demands. After sleep deprivation, and endless psychological games being conducted with military precision, I returned to Michigan with no other option. The federal government will not allow me to speak with a lawyer, make phone calls, send email, use Facebook, have a relationship (any relationship) pay bills, etc,. They even went as far as creating the "Christmas Day Bomber" in an effort to shut down the Detroit Federal Courthouse whenever I go. (likely claiming there's a threat or something). They are terrorizing myself and my family. The amount of man power devoted to terrorizing me in public is surreal. If you've never heard of organized stalking please look it up. What you're about to learn is the BIGGEST COVER UP that all media is blackout from reporting on. I'm not even sure how this site can exist unless they allow what follows to leak in an effort to catch people involved.
Dallas Maverick's Basketball owner Mark Cuban

Cuban disguised as The Rich Jerk with a Castro like nose
Many of the people pictured here make up a code whether or not they choose to. This organization you're about to learn about is getting rich off the destruction of the U.S. economy. Their get-rich-quick sites are composed of double talk serving as an agenda for Al-Qaeda/The New World Order. Billionaire Mark Cuban can be seen appearing in Video on Youtube as "the Rich Jerk." The Rich Jerk website was one of the most popular opportunity sites online for years. This site, like many others, also appears to serve as product placement for new web based products and technologies. Thousands of these sites can be seen at Clickbank. Interesting thing to note here is that Cuban's basketball team the Dallas Mavericks play at American Airlines Center in Texas.

Tony Rezko

Youtube video's "Robert Johnson" Rich Jerk
Tony Rezko is a Syrian immigrant/Arab businessman. Known for being a political fundraiser and real estate developer in Chicago, in 2008 he was convicted of fraud and bribery. After the initial Rich Jerk videos hit Youtube he popped up months later with a bad hairpiece and novelty teeth claiming to be Rich Jerk Robert Johnson.

FBI Wanted Saif al-Adel

The "Godfather"of Internet Marketing Mark Joyner
The first testimonial on The Rich Jerk website was from Mark Joyner. He is referred to as the Godfather of internet marketing. His testimonial has since been removed from the Rich Jerk site. Mark Joyner also appears on an internet show called The Next Internet Millionaire which closely copies Trump's show The Apprentice.

FBI Wanted Abdul Rahman Yassan

Internet Marketing Expert Ted Cuiba

FBI Wanted Fazul Mohammed

Internet Marketing Expert Willie Crawford

FBI Wanted Umar Patek

Internet Marketing Expert Yaro Starak

FBI Wanted Ahmed Garbaya

Internet Marketing Copywriter Carl Galletti

FBI Wanted Ammar Mansour Bouslim

EzineArticles Dr.Manisivasubramanian

FBI Wanted Ali Sayyad Muhamed Mustafa Al-Bakri

Michael Filsaime from StomperNet

StomperNet CEO Brad Fallon

StomperNet Eben Pagan
The website known as the Rich Jerk collected email address for it's newsletter for years without actually sending out any emails. The first email that was sent out to likely millions of subscribers promoted Stompernet, an $800 a month program. Stompernet is out of Atlanta Georgia. Fallon claims to be an airline pilot seen training here on a 777 flight simulator. Months later Eben Pagan was pitching a $10,000 seminar on Youtube called Get Altitude. Do the math.

After seeing a link to Al-Qaeda on Armand Morin's blog I discovered that many people posing as internet marketers look more like the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists. The FBI did not care to speak with me. I decide to leave Maui and fly to Oahu on Monday March 24th 2008 so I could show people some of this stuff face to face. Before arriving on Monday I came to the conclusion everything this organized community does is double talk. Their products and sales pitches are a code. For example; a girl selling the Rich Jerk secrets for half price called herself Holly Mann which appears to be code for Holy Man.

2 days after going to the FBI's office in Honolulu, on March 26th 2008 American Airlines and Delta (out of Atlanta and home of StomperNet) cancelled hundreds of flights due to "safety tests."

FBI Wanted Ramadan Shallah

John Ferrero with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero
The red haired lady pictured here claims to be a copywriter. There are also hundreds of people online appearing in testimonials on get-rich-quick schemes claiming to be high priced copywriters that never give examples of anything they've written.

Red Hot Copy is a play on words for COMMUNISM in addition to a code for look alikes.

Red Hot Copy's Lorrie Morgan Ferrero with Stephen Pierce

Noordin M Top or "Armand" with Lorrie Ferrero
This organization also puts on $1000 seminars. If you search Google images you will notice that Stephen Pierce appears to be the look alike for Van Jones the Green Jobs Czar, both striking similar poses. At Lorrie Morgan Ferrero's copywriting sites you'll also find family members of 1972 Virgin Record's entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Osama's right hand man Al-Zawahiri

Copywriter Jay Abraham
Jill Biden the wife of Vice President Joe Biden

Rosalind Gardner author of The Super Affiliate Handbook

Ex-WH Chairman Austan Goolsbee

Internet Marketer Brett McFall

Ex-WH Council Christina Romer

Copywriter Lisa Diane
CEO of DuPont Ellen Kullman

Copywriter or realtor Cathy Goodwin
Speaker Trainer John Childers with Ferrero

SEIU Former Union President Andy Stern
Copywriter at Red Hot Copy Mari Smith

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina

Internet Business Coach Terry Dean

Dell CEO Michael Dell

Internet Marketer Tom Beal

CEO of Time Warner Jeffrey Bewkes
Hundreds of these opportunity sites display media logos claiming their sites were mentioned on a TV network and in their legal statements it will often state that even though the network has never mentioned their site they have mentioned the internet. So how do they get away with using MSM logos? I believe the use of media logos on their sites symbolizes the media's involvement with this highly organized community.

Currency Trader Billionaire George Soros

Guerrilla Marketer Jay Conrad Levinson
Jay Conrad Levinson claims to be part of this group and one of the "shadow marketers." His product is called Guerrilla Marketing. Could Guerrilla Marketing actually refer to guerrilla warfare? Does shadow marketing refer to a shadow government? It's interesting considering these "shadow marketers" all appear at something called the GURUDAQ where several aliases are similar to names of elected officials.
Ex-President Jimmy Carter

Real Estate Guru Carleton Sheets
How-to-products have sold for decades not only online, but also through late night infomercials.

Internet Million Dollars Professor James Bradley

Professor and Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayers

Obama on Oprah Winfrey's talk show

Oprah with friend Gayle King

Singer Whitney Houston

Gayle King

Whit_ney Hous_ton-WHITe HOUSe
Oprah-Gail Win Free

In every division of government there is a chain of command and various levels of security clearance. This means often the people in the field don't know who is making which decisions above them.

I do not doubt that there is a Bin Laden family, though it appears to me that Osama Bin Laden was created by the US government for 2 reasons:

1. to analyze chatter from our enemies. Essentially, creating a leader and a face to an anti-American movement that was never really organized. By putting this guy on TV once or twice a year it would generate chatter from those under surveillance. Think about it, someone had to come up with the label Al-Qaeda

2. the name also appears to be a riddle to elect Obama Osama and Biden Bin la den as the leaders for the New World Order. (Big business's overthrow of our nation)

Whether the people above are the most wanted or simply look alikes it's interesting that what they're wanted for are mainly US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Indonesia. Obama has a history with both places. If you took a photo of Osama and removed the beard he could even serve as a look alike for Obama.

Above I mentioned a site that was extremely popular at Clickbank called the Rich Jerk. This product originally had a testimonial from Mark Joyner (Saif al-Adel), Mark Cuban appearing in video as the Rich Jerk, in addition to Tony Rezko appearing in video as Robert Johnson Rich Jerk. This information was given to the Feds in the end of March of 2008. It was all acted upon. After 4 1/2 years of "enhanced interrogations" (psychologically tortured (link here) for breaking this code) it's been implied that Tina Fey is the person who wrote the Rich Jerk website.

Sarah Palin on left with Tina Fey on the right
Sarah Palin's "dirty little secret" is that she was added as McCain's running mate in the 2008 election with no intention of winning. She was used to make the people behind the election of Obama believe that she was working with them. Everything you think you know about her is fabricated to create chatter.

Sarah Palin and John McCain claimed to be Mavericks.
Mavericks is also the name of Mark Cuban's Dallas basketball team

Obama claims his basketball name is Barack O'Bomber
Sarah claims her basketball name was Sarah BARRACuda

Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii
Sarah Palin claims to have attended school in Hawaii at Hilo and graduated from University of Idaho in MOSCOW Idaho.

Tina Fey mocked Sarah Palin on SNL claiming she could see Russia from her house
The name Palin is close to Putin

Gayle King and Oprah Gail WinFrEY were both news anchors
Sarah Palin claims she was also a news anchor

If you are familiar with George Soros and the hundreds of organizations he is tied to trying to "transform America" you should also know that the name Soros is a PALINdrome

The person who they claimed hacked Sarah Palin's email was David Kernel, "kernel" refers to an amount of computer memory.

As a temporary deterrent to slow the number of people coming to this site our government made up the Glen Rice affair story. Who wants to read about Sarah Palin's dirty little secret when they think they already know it?

Sarah Palin claims her siblings are Heather Heath Bruce and Molly Heath McCann. Dick Cheney's middle name is Bruce and McCann is close to McCain. Sarah Palin's mother-in-law's name is Faye Palin, maybe she's friends with Tina Fey. "Going Rogue," the name of Palin's book, is a term often associated with people working against their government.

After breaking Al-Qaeda's code in 2008 the government had 5 months to create Sarah Palin's background. The remote state of Alaska isn't heavily populated so this couldn't have been difficult to pull off since most people don't follow Alaskan politics unless they live there. To speculate, residents of Alaska receive large payments from the state for oil royalties which was probably the path of least resistance to gain their cooperation underscored with Sarah Palin's call to "drill baby drill." I know without any doubt that everything Sarah Palin is made up because of details I haven't released yet. Half of her identity is based upon my life to generate chatter from this organized community who was mimicking me online.

This entire story ties into 9/11. We all know what we saw on TV. We all know that Muslims hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings, but why? Didn't they think we would retaliate? Let me ask you this; would you have a different view of 9/11 if nothing happened at the Pentagon? In this situation there would be 3 planes. 2 planes would have stuck the 2 World Trade Towers and the 3rd would have crashed in Pennsylvania when the passengers over took it. When the 2 World Trade Towers collapsed, and building 7 which was never hit with a plane collapsed, wouldn't everyone be claiming it was an inside job? It really wouldn't be difficult for people to conclude that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was headed to building 7 with this scenario. Was what took place at the Pentagon a last minute decision when the plane that went down in Pennsylvania didn't make it to building 7? Why isn't there plane wreckage at the Pentagon? Let me be clear, the entire government wasn't in on 9/11. It's also ridiculous to think that not ONE person from our government couldn't have been involved. Too many people are focused on how 9/11 happened and not why.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself;
1. Why is there no aircraft debris at the Pentagon?
2. Which companies benefited from 9/11 in regards to government contractors?
3. Who benefited from rising oil prices and defense contracts?
4. Which Congressional Districts benefited from increased employment for defense manufacturing?

The government acted upon this code online written across thousands of websites prior to the election of Obama. Sarah Palin was planted in the race as McCain's running mate to throw the election and be a magnet for the media to attack. This is a Coup d'etat. If Obama was ever president it was never for more than one day. Obama is a puppet for unelected officials who are using him to take down the organized community behind him. Basically, a select group within the government have decided that they are in charge of the nation and our Constitution no longer applies. What was a war on Al-Qaeda has become a war on Communism. Millions of Americans are suffering from a sluggish economy that will never be fixed because the people in charge of the nation are busy trying to police decades worth of corruption while covering up the truth about Obama so that no one loses their job.

The government is trying to maintain the illusion that this organized community is in charge of the nation and the media. It has set up a system where no matter what happens they blame Obama and target those who come to his defense. 99% of the national stories in the media are being orchestrated at the local level for domestic spying. The government simply controls the media by controlling the CEOs who make the final call on what gets printed and what doesn't. Washington is also running a disinformation campaign with online commenting on media websites. The government created NDAA and forced cooperating Obama to sign it so they could legalize a propaganda and disinformation campaign otherwise known as PSYOPS against the American public.

Obama never caught Osama 3 days after releasing his birth certificate. No one believed the birth certificate so our government had to divert our attention with another fabricated event. Do you really think there isn't any value to catching Osama Bin Laden and questioning him to take down the entire organization? Think the government couldn't wait it out or shoot Osama with a tranquilizer gun? Give me a break. The only way to take down "Osama" is to put him in the White House and see who he brings with him. Regardless of what you've seen on TV from the media about Al-Qaeda, who gets their info from the government on the subject, is actually a secret society of billionaires and wealthy elitists who want to takeover the nation. When you think about it, the attacks on 9/11 were against symbols of Capitalism, the World Trade Towers. And how do you create a Socialist government where the rich hold all the cards without first destroying Capitalism?

It's difficult to confirm government cover ups since most people involved are forced to sign gag orders and cooperate. Here's some additional things worth checking out; watch old episodes of Sarah Palin's Alaska show and ask yourself why they never reminisce. It's as if everything they do is for the first time. Watch how uncomfortable Mark Cuban is wearing his Chaos T-shirt on the Colbert Report in 2011. Since reading this, check out the first and last season of  TV show 30 Rock (which is supposed to take place at Rockefeller Center.) Search New World Order with the name Rockefeller. Consider asking Tina Fey at 30 Rock for a review of Zero Dark 30 the Osama Bin Laden movie.

This site will continue to change over time. I've added and deleted things since it's a fairly complex story. I want to thank everyone for leaking this story, it helps irritate the bad guys and causes them to take actions which incriminate themselves. People question how this can leak, the government allows this to leak yet tries to control the rate. Mainly they feel that no one is going to believe it, yet you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. As for free speech, I've been blocked at over 20 sites for exposing this. On Conservatives for Palin I get blocked in less than 5 minutes even in the middle of the night. When it leaked out that Herman Cain was the second version of Sarah Palin, Politico blocked me the day before Cain ended his campaign. Atlanta Georgia Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain was a combination of 20+ Papa John's Pizzas owner Tony Rezko, Saif al-Adel aka Mark Joyner the "Godfather of internet marketing," and StomperNet which is out of Atlanta Georgia.

When I first started competing with the scam artists online I was attacked by a forum called Friends in Business or FIB Scams 101. Do those initials sound familiar to you? These people drew me into a conversation by repeating my product name and domain name over and over and optimizing in search below my site. I do not recommend you visit this site because they provide no useful advice. They posted my IP address and my router started flashing like crazy while they began hacking me. I was quick to unplug. This forum appears to serve as counter intelligence for Clickbank products. I think it should really be called cLiCKBaNK.The person who harassed me before the hacking started called himself Bill "the roadie" Carton. He claimed to be a spam fighter for DHS "the club built on spam." At the time I thought DHS was Direct Home Shippers, now it appears he meant the CIA's creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

Do not contact the FBI, CIA, Homeland, or the DOD about this, they are too busy committing treason, harassing, threatening me and my family, misusing national security letters, intercepting all emails, phone calls, and breaking endless laws on a daily basis for over 6 and a half years now. We are living in a police state where the government has decided it's above all laws and there is no such thing as human rights. I've tried talking to our government. The Pentagon sends me to voicemail and regardless of what I ask them they call back when I'm not around and tell my family to tell me not to make threats against the Pentagon. The CIA lies right off the bat claiming they don't spy on Americans because Congress says it's illegal. The FBI doesn't let my get one sentence out before hanging up the phone on me. The people who swore an oath to defend our Constitution have decided that when someone with no police experience breaks a code which dismantles an entire organization that it disrupts the establishment. Ten of thousands of full time federal employees spending hundreds of billions a year are embarrassed and fear losing their jobs. So to thank me for possibly preventing a second 9/11 when they grounded all the flights on March 26th 2008, not to mention an overthrow of our nation by Communists, they've decided to torture me until I'm dead.

There are many misconceptions about torture. The government doesn't need to strap you down in a chair and pull out your finger nails to torture you. What I'm experiencing is referred to as no-touch torture, gang stalking, organized stalking, slow kill assassination and it's all highly illegal. Torture isn't done to obtain the truth, it's done to cover up the truth. 

Share this today with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and by email. Copy it. Print it. Mail it to news organizations outside the U.S. Tell your state representatives about this in person. Stick it in front of the faces of those who sit on the House Intelligence Committee. These are only the highlights. There's plenty to follow up on. If you can, send this to high profile attorneys in Michigan who can possibly sue the government or at least get restraining orders against those torturing, terrorizing, and trying to blackmail me. I have mountains of evidence not shown here. Attorneys would pay an enormous finders fee for this information.

I do not own this site. If you have a legal issue with this site take it up with the Trenton Michigan Police Department. You probably won't get very far seeing that the Federal government has taken over my city. They have implied they have a "secret executive order" issued by George Bush to commit endless crimes against me, kidnapping, invasion of privacy, misuse of the Patriot Act, misuse of National Security Letters, illegal stalking, surveillance cameras in vehicles, the list is endless and there's proof of everything. I've also been told that they fear rallying and protesting outside City Hall, so that must give them the right to break the law. Do not call the FBI about this, even though their website has words on it like honesty, integrity and bravery these people are absolutely lawless and protecting your legal rights (doing their jobs) is no longer in their interests.

Thank you,

Story by Aaron Fleszar

P.S. Don't ever forget why the 2nd Amendment was created. And a special thanks to whomever created this site below it's extremely accurate